what is the 9200 group?

The 9200 Group is a strategic planning agency that fuses the cultural and social identities of their client's expectations to curate elevated B2B + B2C strategies.


By using their collective background existing in strategic planning, project management, and marketing they continue to bridge the gap between clients and their goals. 

In the 3 years since their inception, they have delivered clients exceptional results from entertainment to the international business industry.

As they continue to strive to meet their goal of scaling 10 thousand brands and businesses, they assist their clients by bringing big-picture ideas to life while building economic value for partners and clients.

 " Our in-house team of project managers, strategist and designers are on a mission to assist you in the process of strategizing and scaling your brand " 

- Nadia Brewer 

Executive Director of The 9200 Group

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